Why Benoît Chauvin presents himself


Benoît Chauvin held a press conference Wednesday afternoon in Saint-Martin to present his candidacy without label. He is a candidate alongside Sandra Cazabonne-Dubern that the Saint-Martinois could see on the list of the MAP (Louis Mussington) in 2012 and the Mocsam (Julien Gumbs) during the last territorial elections.

“The deputy is not there to undo in Paris what the presidents of the COMs do locally. Its role is in particular to help improve the application of public policies locally, ”insists Benoît Chauvin. “I will be there to support the choices of Daniel Gibbs and Bruno Magras. I will defend the files in partnership with the presidents, senators and elected officials of the two communities, ”he repeats. Among which: the establishment of a vice-rectorate in Saint-Martin, the strengthening of bilingualism in schools, the renegotiation of the compensation for charges, the revision of the tax residence rule, etc. More details on www.soualigapost.com

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