Legislative: the Beaupère / Fleming candidacy decried


As part of the legislative elections, the duo Christophe Beaupère / Anne Karine Fleming announced their candidacy last Sunday for the Northern Islands. The president of the Collectivity of Saint-Barthélemy Bruno Magras, the senator of Saint-Barthélemy Michel Magras and the deputy of the Northern Islands Daniel Gibbs immediately reacted by sending to the editors a letter denouncing this candidacy “without support and without label”. The duo reacted yesterday through the press. “The outgoing MP had been personally informed of our intentions,” he explains. We never claimed to have the support of the elected officials of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barth, nor the investiture of the Republicans, we were simply candidates for it. We take note of the decision of the political bureau of November 29 last having decided to grant the nomination to Daniel Gibbs. ” _EH

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