The SE-Unsa Saint-Martin teachers' union denounces the crying lack of teachers. The rectorate… unfaithful to the posts?


The SE-Unsa Saint-Martin wishes to alert on the situation of missing professorships almost 3 weeks before the start of the staggered school year.

In the second level, in particular in the 3 colleges of Saint-Martin, it is clear that the number is still not there, the students will therefore have to wait a while before having all their lessons assured. Some contract teachers already on the island are also awaiting their assignment! So what does the rectorate do? However, we have a Vice-Rector, but like every new school year, we see the same dysfunctions. However, we had alerted the Vice-Rector at the beginning of September on the situation of certain contract workers.

Will we have to wait until November for all the lessons to be provided? The students of Saint-Martin have had a chaotic education to say the least since 2017, is it really reasonable to deprive them of teachers, when they already have to bear the consequences of yet another crisis? We ask the rectorate to take its responsibilities and name the missing professors.

The Se Unsa wishes everyone a good comeback despite the difficult conditions.

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