The St Martin Rugby Union dominates the Committee Tournament


Last Saturday, the U18 tournament of the Guadeloupe and Northern Islands rugby committee was held for the first time in Saint-Martin. The St Martin Rugby Union was responsible for organizing it by welcoming teams from Guadeloupe, BRUC, Le Good Luck and RC St François. The Alberic Richards Stadium had been prepared for this.

From the outset, the Union's U18s gave the Guadeloupe club no chance by inflicting a severe 19-0 on them.

The competition is on. The matches are linked all day. The young U18s of the Union, asserting themselves from match to match, record victory after victory: 19 - 7 against RC St François, 26 - 0 against Good Luck. The St Martin Rugby Union plays exceptionally in a black jersey, like the All Blacks.

The public is numerous and made up of supporters and curious people. Indeed, Saint-Martin has never organized a tournament of this level before!

Patrick Gréa, U18 coach and President, said at the end of the tournament: “Our club is only a few years old and our results are improving from season to season. My U18 group has a good workforce. The new ones have successfully integrated among the old. I add a thought to Amory, the captain, injured; the whole club wishes him a good recovery ”. _AF


Ranking :

1er: St Martin Rugby Union

2e: St Francois Rugby Guadeloupe

3e: BRUC Rugby Guadeloupe

4e: Good Luck Rugby Guadeloupe

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