Rotary Saint-Martin Nord supports our future cooks


Cyril Thazet, professor of culinary techniques at the Lycée des Iles du Nord, is preparing a trip to the metropolis for his final cooking students. The objective of this stay - for 9 student volunteers - is to carry out their last period of training in a company with "large tables" in the region of Mâcon from February 15 to March 18, 2016, according to the Rotary of Saint- Martin North. In order to complete the financing of this stay - which amounts to 20.000 euros - the club transferred its last weekly meeting to the educational restaurant of the school, which had for the occasion organized a fundraiser. "In addition to the 900 euros of participation of Rotarians and their spouses at the expense of this meal, Jean-Gabriel Crespin, president of Rotary, gave an additional check of 500 euros for this training action", according to the club.

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