The educational restaurant has reopened


"Excellence", the educational restaurant of the vocational school reopened on Thursday, November 15 at 19 p.m. No less than 26 people had reserved to participate in this long-awaited inauguration.

It was the students of the 1st Bac pro who wiped the plasters and got busy both in the kitchen, where they were supervised by their teacher Akpene Bregeaud, and in the classroom “They were very stressed because they had not taken over since September and had very little service last year, but everything went very well ”reports Thierry Bergmann, service and marketing teacher at LPO. Some minor technical concerns added spice to the evening but were quickly resolved. The restaurant had been closed since Irma's passage had damaged part of the roof causing infiltration and the collapse of the ceiling. We had to redo all the electricity in the room. In the kitchen, the stoves that had taken on the water had been oxidized and the gas circuit must always be completely rehabilitated. The teachers, supported by their director and the national education service then proposed a temporary solution to ensure the reopening: switch to the electric plates. This reopening was urgent, consider the teachers, in particular because the pupils of the first Bac Pro must pass an intermediate exam (BEP / CAP) next January and that they had to train in practical tests. Students (from the first year of CAP to the last year of Bac Pro) and teachers are therefore delighted to be able to return to their own restaurant.

Excellence is now open to the public by reservation (at 0590 291236) for lunch Monday to Friday, as well as Thursday and Friday evenings when the students are not on training. Following a reform of the CAP aimed more at sticking to the reality of the catering market, from January, every other Friday, the establishment focused until then mainly on gastronomy, will be brewing. "We will offer, without reservation, a starter and a hot dish, or a hot dish and a dessert, plus a quarter of wine or half a liter of water for ten euros" announces Thierry Bergmann.

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