The “Orange Fever” beach restaurant, winner of the “Handicap et Entreprise” competition


The "Disability and Business" competition, led by Marie Martin, "Disability" referent of the CCISM in partnership with the Association for the Management of the Fund for the Professional Integration of Disabled People (AGEFIPH), aimed to raise awareness and encourage business leaders and project leaders in the region to include the disability dimension within their company.

People with disabilities are not sufficiently highlighted and actions around disability need to be further developed in Saint-Martin. During the award ceremony last Friday in the Opale room of the CCISM, Marie Martin retraced the missions carried out for the promotion of people with disabilities. Thanks to an agreement signed between the CCISM and the AGEFIPH, the "Disability and Enterprise" competition, launched during the European week for the employment of people with disabilities from November 14 to 20, 2022, was able to see the light of day. If the applications were a bit shy for this first edition, two companies responded to the call for disability inclusion: SXM Macarons represented by Jonathan Ofreddi and Orange Fever (located in Orient Bay) represented by Florence Scholem. Despite a few minutes of intense excitement due to the misplacement of the envelope containing the name of the winner, Julien Bataille, director of the CCISM, designated Orange Fever as the big winner of the competition with his inclusive project "La Plage pour tous" , winning a grant of 1000€ for the realization of this one.

During her speech, Florence Scholem recalled the importance of including people with disabilities by citing the article of the law of February 11, 2005 for equal rights and opportunities which lays down the principle according to which "every person disabled person has the right to the solidarity of the whole of the national community, which guarantees him, by virtue of this obligation, access to the recognized fundamental rights of all citizens as well as the full exercise of his citizenship”. The “La Plage pour tous” project offers the provision of a Tiralo for people with disabilities for access to the beach and swimming. The Tiralo is a floating and ultra-light wheelchair for people with reduced mobility. Practical, ergonomic, comfortable, this amphibious chair rolls easily on the sand and can be towed using a drawbar fitted with a handle.

Created in 1999 by the association L'Ensoleillade, the Tiralo is a source of pure happiness for anyone with reduced mobility who loves swimming. Florence Scholem ended her speech by saying: “  We hope, thanks to this prize, a spotlight on the accessibility of Saint-Martin's beaches and that our project will make many small ones on Saint-Martin so that inclusion is no longer just a fashion concept but a reality. for the people concerned. It already is thanks, among other things, to Orange Fever. A big thumbs up! _Vx


Florence Scholem has worked with the association “Marche avec Liam”. Liam was born on February 11, 2010 in Saint-Martin in difficult conditions which made him more than 80% disabled. He continues to come twice a year to his favorite island to enjoy the joys of swimming. His mother Sonia focuses the association on the inclusion and accessibility of people with disabilities. The association has worked in mainland France for changing rooms and inclusive playgrounds. The whole Orange Fever team is looking forward to seeing Liam again next May, this adorable young boy full of life will inaugurate the Tiralo which will make other people with disabilities happy like fish in water.

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