The rector also takes stock of the reform of the general lycée


During his visit to Saint-Martin on Monday, May 13, the rector also met with the representatives of the students, the principal, her assistants and the teaching team of the general and technological high school. The reform consists essentially in the abandonment of the existing channels. “L, S, ES it's over. We are now talking about specialty lessons, ”says the rector, who pointed out that there were twelve.

“At the national level, it was decided that each high school should offer seven specialty courses and work in a network with the other establishments for complementarity. In Saint-Martin, as they cannot work in a network with another high school, we have opened nine specialties, the maximum possible, ”he added. These specialties are: Arts (plastic arts and music), History-Geography-Geopolitics and Sciences Po, Humanities- Literature and Philosophy, Languages, Literature and foreign cultures (English and Spanish), Mathematics, Digital and computer sciences, Physics- chemistry, Economic and social sciences, Life and earth sciences. However, students who wish to follow another specialty have the possibility of doing so through the CNED. Concretely, the reform applied from the start of the 2019 school year will first concern first-graders. Surveyed in January the current second expressed their wishes for the class council of the second quarter. They had to choose four of these specialty teachings. During the third quarter class council, the teaching team will validate three of these four specialties which they will follow at the start of the school year. When they enter the final year the following year, they will keep only two. The rector reported that the implementation of the reform at the Weinum high school was "rather good" according to the feedback from the educational team. Some students, however, expressed their concerns to the rector. “They are afraid of finding themselves on a path that is set out in advance. And above all what escaped them is that there is a common core. He commented. "The core curriculum represents 60% of the total hourly teaching volume," said Michel Sanz. 

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