The program for the “Fête de Grand-Case” this Thursday, July 21


Like every July 21, Victor Schœlcher's party will take place in the streets of Grand-Case. From morning to evening, the party will be beautiful and there will be plenty of entertainment.

If the 2021 edition of Saint Victor was somewhat shaken up by the health crisis, that of this year is presented under better auspices. The morning will be devoted to official celebrations, starting with the ecumenical ceremony at the Catholic Church of Grand-Case at 9 am. The famous July 21 parade will leave from Boulevard Bertin Maurice at 10:15 a.m. To end the morning, the speeches of the officials will be held on the sports ground of Grand-Case at 11 a.m., and will be followed by a reception. The public is warmly invited. From noon until the evening, children and adults will be free to enjoy the entertainment offered by the services of the Collectivity. The lolos of Grand-Case will kick off the festivities with live music by The Gunslingers, DJ Patrice and Jolly Boys. At 13 p.m., a traditional sailboat race will start from Grand-Case Bay. From 14 p.m., several games and activities will be organized for young and old alike: swimming competition, egg race, ring games and foot race. The cyclists will do their own race at 15 p.m. Make way for other festivities with the "Youth Summer Jam" from 15:30 p.m., the beach party will be hosted by DJ Vybz. From 18 p.m. to 22 p.m., musical, artistic and dance entertainment will focus on the podium set up for the occasion and will be entrusted to DJ Nep, Nuff Respect Band, Rohie Ryddim Band, Natisha Hanson, Flawless Dance Crew, Funtopia and their stilts, Anaïs Fusion, Evana, Copacabana Dancers Show and Madd Crew. The unmissable fireworks will be fired at 22 p.m. to highlight the importance of remembrance on this day dear to Grand-Case, it honors the memory of Victor Schœlcher, journalist and Guadeloupean deputy of Alsatian origin born July 22, 1804 , who proposed his decree for the definitive abolition of slavery to the government, which the latter signed. On April 27, 1848, slavery was irrevocably abolished, thus making 1848 a crucial year in the history of the former French colonies. Throughout the day of July 21, 2022, the party will be in full swing in the streets of Grand-Case. _VX


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