Wendy Montulet's murderer murdered in his cell


Incarcerated at the Baie-Mahault prison center, in Guadeloupe, the presumed murderer of Wendy Montulet, was found, the body lifeless, last Friday, at 7 am, by the guards ... 

The body of the alleged murderer of Wendy Montulet was discovered inanimate in the cell he occupied with seven other people. To determine the exact causes of his death, an autopsy is performed this Monday, July 18. As for the investigation, it was entrusted to the Pointe-à-Pitre Research Brigade. The path of lynching by the seven fellow prisoners sharing the same cell cannot be excluded ...  _AF

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  1. CAUCHY July 19, 2016 at 15:50 am Reply

    Honor to those who cannot condone the murders, I think that now there will be no recidivism and we cannot say that a repeat offender has killed as is too often the case after the fact. And who do not agree have never had a loved one to see 2 killed in cold blood.

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