The job of family assistant: Family assistant is a profession governed by the law of June 27, 2005.


He takes in one or more children temporarily separated from his family by social services. He (she) integrates the child at all times of family life, follows his schooling, and provides him with moral support. It is a real profession, accessible on a State diploma, remunerated by a salary and accessible after 300 hours of compulsory training which normally leads to obtaining a State diploma. The foster child is in a situation of suffering, because of the separation, and sometimes because of the physical or verbal abuse he has suffered. The family assistant must be able to hear and manage the expression of this discomfort. The family assistant helps the child to integrate into the rhythm and rules of life of his host family, and to find his place in a framework often very different from the one he has just come from. to leave. He is responsible for the physical health of the child, and must give him access to medical care if necessary. He follows his schooling, sees that homework is done, goes to meetings organized by teachers. He (she) has many human qualities such as patience, listening skills, generosity, firmness, authority, affection, understanding as well as pedagogy. The family helper must be able to communicate with the child and put him at ease. He is bound by a contract by an employment contract with the community, his employer and a reception contract for each minor or adult admitted.

As part of their missions, family assistants are supported by a psychosocial team (educators, social service assistant, psychologist) from Social Assistance to Children. ”

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