The Leo Club SAFARI is mobilized to illuminate the Christmas of underprivileged children with "a Christmas tree"


As every year, the members of the SAFARI Leo Club are mobilizing to light up Christmas for underprivileged children of Saint Martin by taking up the challenge this year with “a wish tree”.

Christmas is a time to give, show and receive love. Having at heart to please as many children as possible on the island and knowing the disastrous consequences of the health crisis for the affected families, the Leo Club SAFARI intends to go further to offer a little love to the children of the families. The Leo Club SAFARI “Wishing Tree” project is a perfect way to show it off this holiday season.

A great project!

This is a unique, fun and special way to make a difference and give back this Christmas season! Three weeks before Christmas, the angels made upstream by the young people of the club, will represent a child or a teenager beneficiary of the project and will be hung on the large Christmas tree of the West Indies Mall. 

The community is invited to visit the tree and choose an angel. The ages and gender of the child will be inscribed on the angels which will then be hung on the Christmas tree located at the West Indies Mall.

The sponsor (client) will buy a gift for this child or young person and give it to the association. He can keep the angel as a gift to take home and hang on his Christmas tree. This will allow people to feel the impact that one act can have on another child.

The gifts collected will be distributed by Santa Claus and his assistants during the Solidarity Christmas Tree organized by the Leo Club SAFARI, a moment of celebration to break their isolation, especially at Christmas.

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