Corsair's latest Jumbo Jet 747 has retired


We will no longer see it on the tarmac at Aimé Césaire airport in Martinique or Pôle Caraïbes in Guadeloupe. The last Jumbo Jet 747 which flew under the French flag, Corsair, retired on Monday June 15, 2020. This plane provided daily connections to the Antilles for 30 years.

The last airplane of the company Corsair left Paris, Monday, June 15, marking the end of the presence of the Jumbo Jet in French territories. The aircraft left Paris-Orly Airport towards Kemble in the United Kingdom to be dismantled there. The 747s are replaced by Airbus A330-Néo.

A 747-400 could carry 580 people. In addition to the daily connections to the Antilles, this plane made it possible to carry out flights on behalf of pilgrims, medical flights, or cultural and sporting operations.

The Corsair company had long planned to separate from the latter 747 from December 2020 as part of a fleet renewal to the all-Airbus; but the health crisis accelerated this departure.

Since Thursday June 18, five Airbuses, an A330-200 with 302 seats and four A330-300 with 352 and 298 seats, are now in the air.

These aircraft that will replace the Boeing are more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

All French companies must comply with the recommendations made in the aeronautical support plan for a clean aircraft in 2035.

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