Readers' mail: Disillusionment at the landfill!


“Having various waste to throw, we decided to go to the Grandes Cayes ecosite to throw our waste with the aim that it be sorted: green waste, bricks and polystyrene.

Indeed, despite the announcement of skips available in each district, at Mont Vernon 2 and 3, by the roadside, we have none. There are, however, a dozen trash bins corresponding to the size of the population who live there and bulky waste accumulates outside the bins.

What a dismay once we got to the Ecosite de Grandes Cayes. If we had known! What disillusionment!

Arrived on site, we are asked to go to the bottom of the site and throw our waste there. Fortunately we have an all-terrain pickup vehicle…

Before our astonished eyes a pile of unsorted miscellaneous waste crushed by a bulldozer. We must park within 10 meters of the machine at work and throw everything that we have yet sorted in the dumpster of our pickup and that we thought we saw treated: green waste, bricks, polystyrene, the neighboring vehicle, him, throws plastic chairs. Everything in the same place, without any distinction as to what is recyclable or not. There would be batteries, oil, it would be the same…. The backhoe loader crushes everything in its path, really very close to us and our vehicle (hello security!). Imagine what becomes of our highly polluting polystyrene!

When we talk a lot about the dump on the Dutch side, let's not forget to take an interest in ours: how can this private company in charge of the site do so without regard for the environment?

And don't tell us about Irma! This has nothing to do with. On an island, the treatment of waste is a crucial point and if, whether on the French or Dutch side, we do not take it seriously, we are going to an environmental disaster. It's a time bomb! How sad for our island, our planet!

Moreover, throughout the year, why continue to ask citizens to deposit their green waste, bulky waste on the ground in front of the bins? What a spectacle all along our routes that we cannot justify in the sight of our tourists! What an example for the inhabitants who are asked to work on cleanliness and sorting waste when the community itself is not able to organize it properly!

Regarding sorting, I invite you to look once again at Mt Vernon 2 by the roadside at the plastic, paper and glass containers (for people who have not yet lost all courage to practice it on our island) , they are half the time quite simply inaccessible due to the waste deposited on the ground in front of these containers and anyway, even when they are accessible, it is necessary to measure at least 1,70m in order to be able to deposit the bottles and papers. the way these sorting containers are arranged despite all common sense ”. _Lyli

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