The driver of a van flees after causing an accident in Sint Maarten


Sint Maarten Police are looking for a man who fled the scene of a self-caused traffic accident at the junction of Sucker Garden Road and Middle Region Road at approximately 8:30 a.m. this Wednesday August 17, 2022. 

Earlier in the morning, a police patrol stopped the driver of a white van after it was spotted with an old French license plate on Oyster Pond Road heading towards Philipsburg. Instead of stopping as the officers instructed him to do, the driver elected to speed down a side street at Middle Region Road. Police, then in pursuit, observed the driver of the van pass approximately five cars on Middle Region Road in his attempt to evade law enforcement. In his haste to shake off the patrol car, the driver of the van crashed into a white Hyundai bus, still on Middle Region Road. Following the impact, the driver of said van fled into the surrounding bushes and disappeared. Despite intensive searches, the police were unable to find the fugitive. The driver of the white Hyundai bus suffered no serious injuries in the crash between the two vehicles. Sint Maarten traffic police officers are investigating this incident further in order to identify the driver of the van. _Vx

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