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The situation of stray dogs and cats continues to worsen. Every day, associations are called upon for abandoned puppies and kittens, or for stray animals in a worrying state of health, hungry or abandoned. Host families are an essential link in rescues. The SXM Animal Collective is launching a major appeal to the Saint-Martin population to help these animals.

While the territory is desperately awaiting the reopening of a shelter and a pound, a project which seems to be evolving too slowly in the face of the emergency on the ground, and while resistance to sterilization is still well anchored in Saint-Martin culture , animal protection associations find themselves drowning in requests for support. If all the associative actors and volunteers in the field, to whom we pay tribute here, struggle on a daily basis, the call for solidarity must be reiterated so that the animals can hope for a better life. As the SXM Animal Collective describes it: always more calls for help but no shelter... Without a foster family to secure the dogs and cats during their adoption, the association finds itself with its hands tied. A true essential link in rescues, the foster families who take care of animals in need allow the Collective to begin adoption procedures with complete peace of mind. The SXM Animal Collective is therefore actively looking for people with big hearts who would agree to come off the street and welcome one or more doggies while they find their forever family. All costs up to adoption are covered by the association which is also responsible for finding adoptive families, whether in Saint-Martin or in mainland France. The human experience of participating in the rescue of an animal, whether by welcoming it for a certain period, by adopting it or by accompanying it as an escort on a flight so that it joins its new family in mainland France is unrivaled. If you want to open your roof to one of the animals in need, and often eager for cuddles, to allow them to start a new, dignified and deserved life, contact the SXM Animal Collective. Several animals are also up for adoption, don't hesitate to consult the photo album for this purpose, your favorite is guaranteed. As a reminder, sterilization is the solution. Thanks for them. _VX


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