The Soroptimist Club of Saint-Martin is committed against violence against women


Violence against women is one of the most widespread human rights violations. Persistent and devastating, it is a threat to millions of girls and women around the world. Since 1999, November 25 has been the international day for combating violence against women.

Too much violence! We say stop! 

Acts of violence against women unfortunately remain too present in our society. This violence can take several forms: beatings, marital rape, psychological violence, feminicide, harassment, cyber-harassment,  unwanted sexual advances, genital mutilation, etc. 

In a national survey, it is revealed that around 50 women are victims of marital rape. This is too much. The territory of Saint-Martin is not immune to this scourge, quite the contrary. Many are the interventions of gendarmes for domestic violence and others. We say STOP! All women can be victims of violence, regardless of age, level of education, social or economic condition. It spares no one. 

This is why the members of the Soroptimist club of Saint-Martin, made up of about twenty women, wanted to denounce this societal disaster by taking action. November 25 is the  International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Today begins the 16 days of activism against violence against women. Thus from November 25  on December 10, clubs around the world are proposing actions aimed at raising awareness or eliminating violence against women. 

The actions of the Saint-Martin club

The Soroptimist Club of Saint-Martin offers several actions to support the fight against violence against women: 

- Organization of the drawing competition at the Lycée Robert Weinum, the works of the winners will be exhibited at key locations (Crédit Mutuel, LPO and Lycée Robert Weinum and Grand-Case airport) 

- Deposit of an urn at the reception of LA SAMANNA to collect donations to help women and girls

- Commemoration of the international day against violence against women on November 25 in the garden of the Collectivity from 17 p.m. (wreath laying, speech, viewing of paintings by high school students) 

We invite you to come and share this moment with us! We are waiting for you on November 25 in the Jardin de la Collectivité from 17 p.m.!



Being a victim of violence is not a shame, and does not discredit you as a woman. Your beauty, your strength and the love you have to offer remain. Know that you are not alone and there are devices in the area to help you such as: 

- Alefpa- Le Manteau de Saint-Martin with the daycare dedicated to women victims of violence in order to rest, to meet a social worker, a sophrologist, therapists and to learn self-defense practices. 

- Hyphen which deals with and investigates complaints via the gendarmerie and accompanies to court. The association has emergency accommodation for the victims. 

- Safe Haven which welcomes  the women. 


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