Self-hypnosis, for more peace of mind


The benefits of self-hypnosis in an adapted framework are numerous. For those who would like to connect with their unconscious, a workshop will be given on April 2.

Self-hypnosis, quesaco? Self-hypnosis is, like hypnosis, an altered state of consciousness that is halfway between waking and sleeping. This state is characterized by a decrease in activity of the functions of our conscious part and an increased activity of the unconscious functions. Self-hypnosis is not a loss of control. Altered states of consciousness, also called hypnotic trance, make it possible to reach the source of emotions, memory, the storage area of ​​behaviors and habits, problems and symptoms. This technique therefore makes it possible to improve the health of practitioners, to solve the problems identified and find answers, to control the emotions which sometimes take up too much space, and to stimulate creativity or learning capacities. Practiced regularly, it brings physical and mental well-being thanks to the work done on oneself. By entering into communication with the unconscious, self-hypnosis has a real impact on the management of stress, emotions and pain, on confidence and self-esteem, it helps to relax and improving sleep, overcoming shyness and certain phobias, and finally, self-hypnosis releases bad habits that last a long time, as many former smokers can testify to. Everyone will find themselves in these few reasons to try this ancestral practice which relieves physical or emotional suffering by suggesting certain messages to the unconscious according to the desired objective. For the curious, novices or regular practitioners, a self-hypnosis workshop is being organized this Saturday, April 2 between 9 a.m. and 18 p.m. by hypno-therapist Jany Costa at the premises of Saint Martin Demain Association (SMDA),
3 rue de la Liberte in Marigot.

Info: 06 90 66 36 17

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