The Regional Health Agency declares tap water unfit for consumption throughout the territory until further notice


“The analyzes carried out by the Regional Health Agency found, at several sampling points on the network, high turbidity and bacteriological contamination on the Saint-Martin network likely to endanger the health of users in the event of indigestion” indicates the decree taken yesterday by the president of the Collectivity, Louis Mussington.

In fact, the consumption of water distributed by the public network is temporarily prohibited for users such as drinking, cooking all food and brushing teeth.

The return to a normal situation can only be effective when the ARS publishes a notice of compliance of water with the quality standards in force.

The decree also specifies that "the services of the Collectivity as well as the private suppliers of bottled water are called upon to make available all the resources available in order to collaborate with the EEASM and the SAUR in the satisfaction of the priority needs of the p

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