French Language and Francophonie Week celebrated in Saint-Martin


From March 13 to 20, several schools and the four colleges of the Northern Islands participated with great enthusiasm in the celebration of French Language Week and La Francophonie.

This event was created in 1995 at the initiative of the Ministry of Culture and is organized each year around March 20, International Day of La Francophonie.

This year, it is mainly the  students of the UPE2A device who took part in the project, under the leadership of their teacher and the coordinator of the Northern Islands CASNAV, Emmanuel Pené.

This highlight was intended to conduct an operation to raise awareness of the French-speaking world in schools and was an opportunity to promote the many artistic and literary projects carried out within the framework of the “Concours des Dix mots” devoted to the theme of air. for its 2020-2021 edition.

The pupils were therefore invited to learn about the place of the French language in the world, to discover French-speaking artists or to play with the ten words of the competition to stage them in all modes: writing, song, drawing. , etc.

It is in this spirit that the students of UPE2A from the school of Hervé Williams worked on the Vendée-Globe. The pupils of the Emile Choisy and Marie-Amélie Leydet schools have chosen them, to highlight the Haitian author Jacques Roumain known for his involvement in the Francophonie, and also to write a poem on the theme of air.

In Soualiga and Mont des Accords colleges, students have access to their work on the place of French in the world and its influence through fashion, culinary culture, the art of living ... They also conducted a reflection on what the French language represents for them, during oratorical games or on exhibition panels.

The college and elementary schools of Quartier d'Orléans have focused on their work on the Francophonie in the Caribbean and around the world, on the main monuments of Paris as well as on the cultural figures and symbols of the Francophonie. This work, carried out on large panels, was exhibited at the college's CDI.

In Saint-Barthélemy, research work on the place of French in the world and on the definition of Francophonie was carried out on the OIF website. Several posters were produced on this theme to also be exhibited at the college's CDI.

This week of the French language and the Francophonie is also part of the interdegree link. Indeed, to close the event, the students of UPE2A from elementary schools were invited to exhibit their productions in the college of their sector of attachment in order to combine their work with those of the greatest and end the week in music. and in poetry. A very beautiful moment of sharing between primary and secondary students around the French language (thanks to Emmanuel Pené).

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