Blue Week shone with a thousand lights


Last Saturday marked the last day of National Retirees and Seniors Week which ran from October 3-8. After a great success of the week itself, the closing party was magical for our seniors.

The EDF room at La Savane was colored blue for the occasion: balloons, tablecloths, napkins, but above all the outfits of the participants which were drawn in a myriad of bluish tones. Several officials, including the president of the Collectivité Louis Mussington, had made the trip to experience this lovely moment with the elderly; moment which marked the end of Blue Week honoring seniors. The Pôle Solidarité et Familles de la Collectivity had organized a week of simple activities focused on self-esteem, aging well, access to care and the importance of regular physical activity that many elderly people have been able to implement during Saturday's tea dance. Audrey Gil, president of the Bethany Home nursing home and territorial councilor of the Collectivity, is delighted with this edition which was put together in less than a month and a half: “I am very happy with the way the week went. With all the energy of the people who work at the Solidarity and Family Division, we were able to relaunch this Blue Week with a simple program that spoke to the elderly. They were really touched by the attention that was given to them and that was the goal. Indeed, the last few years have been particularly difficult for the third and fourth generations because of the isolation caused by the health crisis. The Blue Week allowed the population of the good age to create social ties, to have exchanges with the younger generations, to go out to explore their island, to be stimulated and above all, to enjoy. During this Blue Week, activities were planned every day and in each district, it was important for Audrey Gil and the ten partner associations (Saint Martin Santé, La Couronne, Forever Young, Le Manteau, etc.) to be able to reach the whole population. Eighty elderly people took part in the Semaine Bleue, with 6 residents of the nursing home and accompanying persons, including Madame Émilienne who ignited the improvised dance floor in the parking lot of the Thelbert Carti stadium in Quartier d'Orléans last Wednesday after the blue step. The blue march was born from a collaboration with football and basketball coaches, the children accompanied the elderly around the stadium for a pure intergenerational action. The music group Bottle Neck Crew, which created the Quartier d'Orléans, was also present at the closing tea dance, with Ricky The Fox as master of ceremonies, who animated several Blue Week activities with panache. Louis Mussington and several territorial councilors did not shun their pleasure either with some original dance steps. La Semaine Bleue has lived up to its bet: to highlight the elderly in the area by warming their hearts, and ours too to see them so happy. Even if the Blue Week should last all year long, can't wait for the next edition. _VX

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