St. Maarten Police Warn Of Obstacles To Free Movement At Borders


OYSTER POND - St. Maarten Police (KPSM) is once again issuing a very severe warning against anyone seeking to obstruct or impede the free movement of persons at the borders between the Dutch and French sides

The police will put an end to any attempt to obstruct the free movement of persons or to any disturbance of public order at any of the border posts. Anyone involved in these activities or any other dangerous activity at one of the border crossing points is warned that they must stop and refrain on pain of being arrested and prosecuted on the Dutch side.

The situation concerning the blockades of roads by strangers on the French side has become more dangerous. It was reported that unknown people fired shots in the vicinity of the Belvedere.

A dam has been erected on the Dutch side by unknown people at the Oyster Pond border with stones and other building materials. Citizen motorists helped the police to clear the road as can be seen in the photo.

St. Maarten Police reiterate their advice to anyone seeking access to the French Quarter via Belvedere or the French side of Oyster Pond to avoid doing so until the situation improves and the barriers are removed .


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