FIPCOM is organizing its third “Entrepreneur's Breakfast”


Never two without three, the Inter Professional Federation of the Collectivity of St Martin is playing the rally again this Saturday, November 27.

blankThe concept of this event is to invite professionals (entrepreneurs, business leaders, etc.) to gather around a breakfast in the company of officials from the Collectivity of Saint Martin and the Prefecture in order to '' discuss and debate the difficulties, fears or blockages they might encounter and receive answers to their questions. While the tourist season is fast approaching, the health situation and the news of recent weeks will not have simplified the task of some, on the contrary. Michel Vogel, President of FipCom, has also told us of the concerns of professionals, which strengthens his desire to strengthen the links between them, without sectarianism, with the sole objective of ensuring the sustainability of Saint Martin. The agenda for this breakfast is heavy, proving the importance and urgency of dealing with several economic topics with the preparation for the high season 2021/2022 at the top of the list, which everyone hopes will be productive, profitable and without a hitch. Even if this seems to bode well with the return of cruise ships, it is clear that the obstacles remain numerous. About sixty people, including the Prefect Serge Gouteyron and Daniel Gibbs, president of the Collectivity of Saint Martin, will therefore be gathered to facilitate meetings, free debate as well as the sharing of experiences and ideas. Unlike the first two editions which took place at the Tribute Hotel, this one will be given at the Lycée Professionnel Daniella Jeffry at Concordia, which is not without delighting Michel Vogel who was president of the parents. The high school students will also take care of the service and will be invited to participate in the discussions. _Vx

Info: Inter Professional Federation of the Collectivity of St Martin 

24 Rue du Mont Carmel in Concordia

06 90 53 67 09 -




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