Kickboxing: The proteges of Thierry Saint Auret made a strong impression in Guadeloupe!


After the French championships, the Caribbean Karate Oyama made a new trip  in Guadeloupe, on the occasion of the 4rd edition of English boxing and kick-boxing championships organized by Gwada Boxing.

Shihan Thierry Saint Auret, whose dojo is located in Hope Estate, has selected three of his best boxers, more than ever motivated by the idea of ​​distinguishing themselves during this high-level meeting.

 In the Junior category, James Hamlet who was competing  his 1st fight, showed enormous qualities and assurance for his young age. He won his fight by abandonment in the second round and left a very good impression on the many people present in the room.

Glenn Sallee, in the Senior category, also won unanimously from the judges. Throughout the fight, Glenn demonstrated all the values ​​of Caribbean Karate Oyama both technically and mentally.

Still among the seniors, Maki Telemaque, in the evening's flagship fight, was opposed to the best Antilles-Guyana boxer, Enzo Audoui. The latter finally made the difference at the end of the 3rd round and won the victory after being more than jostled by our Saint-Martin champion, author of a very good performance.

At the end of this fight, the organizers have planned a rematch in November between these two boxers for a WKN World Champion title.

For his part, Shihan Thierry Saint Auret was very satisfied and proud of the performance of his boxers, like his members who always put so much enthusiasm and desire into training. Like what the work done in the room is paying off! _AF

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