Kickboxing: The member of the "Caribbean Karate Oyama SXM" Maki Telemaque, champion of Martinique!


After more than three years without competition due to Covid-19, the Martinique league in Kick-Boxing and Muy Thai organized its recovery gala in the presence of several delegations from France, Mayotte, Guyana, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Saint -Martin and Sint Marteen.

Saint-Martin was represented by the club "Caribbean Karate Oyama" and its boxer Maki Telemaque engaged in the heavyweight category.

Opposed to a boxer from Martinique, Thierry Saint Auret's protege delivered a great performance to win the title of Martinique kick-boxing champion.

After a very disputed 1st round where Maki managed to make the difference thanks to his eye and his liveliness, our Saint-Martin champion accentuated his domination in the following rounds with very heavy blows to his opponent. The latter will even go to the mat during the 3rd recovery on a hook from Maki.

The Caribbean Karate Oyama and its trainer, Thierry Saint-Auret are very proud  of the performance of their boxer Maki Telemaque who will be in the ring again on December 3 in the Dutch part. A good test for those who will try to win a WKN world belt on June 9, 2023 and enter the professional world. _AF

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