JUSTICE: Boss sentenced to 6 months in prison for harassing an employee


A 56-year-old business manager, LJ, appeared before the Saint-Martin local court last week for sexual harassment against one of his (former) employees.

AC, just 20 years old, is recruited by LJ's security company. “At the beginning everything is going well,” she confirms. Then for two years, she explains being subjected to sexual harassment from her boss. He tells her that he loves her, wants to send her flowers, the clamp at the hips, asks her to go to dinner with him, if she "prefers the big sexes", tells her that she "needs the sperm from a man ”, that he“ needs a hug ”, and so on.

AC plans to file a harassment complaint but thinks that without proof, no one will believe her. So she takes the initiative to register her employer without her knowing it. In possession of several audio files, she went to the gendarmerie and filed a complaint in early July 2019.

Some of the files are shown to the audience. For the prosecution, the facts are characterized. It requires a six-month suspended prison sentence, a fine of 15 euros, ineligibility for four years (mandatory penalty for this type of act) and a ban on exercising a professional or social activity for two years.

After deliberation, the court found LJ guilty of the charges against him and sentenced him to a six-month suspended prison sentence and four years of ineligibility. He received the victim's civil claim and referred the case on civil interest.

AC had been dismissed in August 2019 and had seized the industrial tribunal. She had won.


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