Justice: Four months in prison for condemning terrorism


Wednesday, May 9, the criminal court of Saint Martin sentenced MB, 47, to eight months in prison, including four suspended sentences with probation for three years and an obligation of care. He also issued a deposit warrant so that MB will join Basse Terre prison this evening. Upon leaving, MB will be banned from staying for ten years in Guadeloupe, Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy. The court also dismissed the ban on national territory because the defendant is stateless and there is therefore no border to which to drive him back. 

MB has indeed been found guilty of apologizing for terrorism following public publications on his Facebook and Twitter accounts, in legal recidivism. Convicted for similar acts by the Nice court in August 2016, he has since been watched. The investigators noted several public publications praising terrorism between March 1 and May 8, the date of his arrest and his placement in police custody. "I swear to you, you will die in Africa and I will rejoice in it", he said in connection with France, following the attacks during which the French Embassy was targeted in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) in last March. Then, on the subject of Sophie Petronin, French hostage in Mali: "I hope they will die her [...] it is nothing but a stupid white woman". He also shared a publication welcoming the death of Commander Beltrame when the Super U of Trèbes (Aude) was taken hostage. And commented on Twitter on the Kabul attacks by writing: "a great victory for ISIS".

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