JUSTICE: In an argument, he bites the one he is to marry in the nose


His partner lost her bag in which were important documents. He advises her to go and file a complaint with the police, but she refuses. He goes there all alone. The gendarmes tell him to come back. He then returns home where an argument will break out with his partner.

"She was drunk, it pissed me off," says ERB, forty-seven. “I had been drinking, I had problems with children in the Dominican Republic, I wanted to be alone and I wanted him to go out,” explains VG for his part. “I am diabetic and because of the sugar, I got angry,” says ERB. The two pushed each other, he grabbed her to calm her down and bit her on the nose. The medical certificate will show cuts on the shoulder and bruises on the knee.

Heard by the gendarmes, ERB admitted the facts which took place on June 10 while stressing that he “did not want to harm him”. He was the subject of legal proceedings and was summoned Thursday before the local court of Saint-Martin for violence against his concubine.

To the judge, ERB assured that "the next time he sees her drunk, he will leave" in order to calm the situation. He was sentenced to a two-month suspended prison sentence and to the obligation to follow an awareness training course on domestic violence.

ERB and VG came to the hearing together and announced they were getting married on December 18th. Before leaving the room, ERB apologized for “disturbing the judge”.

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