JUSTICE: He throws a rock at the car which splashed him while passing through a puddle


On Monday, June 29, a motorist returns home and crosses the Sandy Ground neighborhood. She rolls in a puddle of water splashing two pedestrians standing on the side of the road, a woman and a young man.

The latter, annoyed that the driver does not stop to apologize, decides to pursue her. He takes a scooter then a rock and throws it at her. The window of the car is broken, the motorist is afraid and continues on his way. She will file a complaint with the gendarmerie.

The young man, JW, is identified. He is accused of violence with a weapon and deterioration of property. He is also being prosecuted for driving without a license, without insurance and for possession of narcotics. To get to the convocation of the gendarmes, he used the scooter of the association for which he works, which was not insured and whose driving requires a category of license that he does not have. While searching him, the gendarmes also carried cannabis on him. JW appeared on September 10 in the Saint-Martin local court.

At the bar he explained that most people consider the inhabitants of Sandy Ground "as animals and not as humans". So when he saw that the lady didn't apologize, he got annoyed. He got even more upset when he followed her to talk to him and she continued to drive.

"But do you think it's easy to stop like that?" », Asked the judge. “Do you think it's always easy to avoid a puddle when driving? How easy is it to pull away when a scooter can come sideways to overtake you, when a car is coming in front? Everyone knows the state of the roads in Saint-Martin, it is not the first time that a motorist

unintentionally splashes a pedestrian and unfortunately it will not be the last time, ”she continued.

“Your behavior only contributes to giving a bad image of this neighborhood which already has a bad reputation, while you are perfectly integrated and you try to show through your association that the image we have of Sandy Ground is distorted. », Commented the judge.

In his indictment, the deputy prosecutor also reminded JW that too many young people at Sandy Ground consider "the road as a playground", that this neighborhood is "a brothel and that people are afraid. to cross it because of the wheelie scooters, etc. ”. He requested a ten-month suspended prison sentence, a six-month driving ban, a road safety awareness course; two fines totaling 450 euros as well as the confiscation of the scooter and the cannabis.

After deliberating, the court sentenced JW to a suspended four-month prison sentence, a suspended fine of 300 euros, another 150 euros. He also ordered the confiscation of the cannabis and the scooter for destruction.


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