JUSTICE: He drives without insurance and without technical control


At the beginning of October 2019, the gendarmes checked Spring Concordia AA, 65, and his vehicle, a minibus, on board which are three college students. He explains that he took the young people on the road to drop them off at college, the teenagers say they did not pay.

On him, the gendarmes found, in particular, fourteen 1-dollar bills, which suggests that AA is engaged in public transportation. But AA refutes the accusations and claims to use the vehicle "to do the legwork" and not as a taxi.

AA is a retired professional, he has not renewed his license since May 2016. However, he continues to drive with his vehicle which is no longer insured and which has not passed the technical control.

The vehicle in poor condition was seized and destroyed on the orders of the prosecution before the trial was held.

AA was summoned to the criminal court last week. He was sentenced to a six-month suspended prison sentence, a fine of 500 euros plus 50% for the guarantee fund, two fines of 150 euros each (contravention), the confiscation of seals and a ban on practicing the profession of passenger transport for five years. (soualigapost.com)

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