JUSTICE: "Instead of making an amicable finding, he chooses the path of threat"


A 40-year-old man appeared in court for acts of violence committed on February 15.

His vehicle is parked along the boulevard in Grand Case. On the other side is parked a truck from a construction company, which obstructs traffic to another car crossing the said boulevard. When it passes near JL's vehicle, he hears a crashing noise. His mirror is torn off and his car scratched.

“Instead of discussing calmly and making an amicable finding, JL chooses the path of threat,” comments the prosecutor. "We did not make a report because you have to pay to make a report at the garage," argues JL. He believes that the person responsible for the damage to his car is not the motorist but the workers of the truck because they parked the vehicle incorrectly.

JL grabs a tool from the truck and asks them to give him 300 euros to pay for the repairs. “That's when they started listening to me,” JL says. The workers also report that JL threatened them to go “get his gun” and that he “was not afraid to go to jail”.

Eventually the situation calmed down. The workers move away and when they return to the truck, they discover that the tires have been punctured. They then suspect JL of having pierced them, which the latter denies.

JL was prosecuted for threat, theft, violence with a weapon and willful damage to property, he was summoned to the local court on Thursday morning. At the helm, he maintained his version.

The prosecution required a citizenship course "so that he learns the rules of life in society", a ban on holding a weapon and a fine of 200 euros. After deliberation, the court sentenced JL to follow a citizenship course, a ban on holding a weapon for two years and a fine of 100 euros. (soualigapost.com)

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