JUSTICE: € 2 fine for the owner of a pit bull


On May 5, a seventy-year-old woman is walking on the road to Chevrise when she sees a dog running towards her that is going to bite her in the calf. She will have two months of ITT. Surgical management was necessary.

The animal is a female pit bull, that is to say a category 1 animal. It belongs to a young man of twenty who recovered it following the departure of his master. To the gendarmes who opened an investigation, he explained that, in principle, she was locked up in the garden.

After the accident, the bitch was examined by a veterinarian who estimated the risk of dangerousness of the animal to four on a scale of four. She is neither microchipped, nor tattooed, nor vaccinated against rabies, nor sterilized and neither declared in community as the law requires it.

The new dog handler was sentenced to a fine of 2 euros as well as an additional penalty consisting of the prohibition to keep a dog subject to authorization for five years and to compensate the victim who has brought a civil action ( returned in civilian clothes). The dog was euthanized a few days after the facts.

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