WORLD VITILIGO DAY – VEISS: inspiration in the spotlight in 2024


June is World Vitiligo Awareness Month with a particularly important date for the local association Vitiligo Educate Inspire & Support SXM (VEISS): World Vitiligo Day this June 25.

Founded by Gerline Isaac in 2021, the VEISS association allows people living with vitiligo to gain confidence and self-esteem while coping with the psychological trauma caused by this permanent autoimmune disease.

Vitiligo is a disease of the epidermis characterized by white spots, or depigmentation, which appear and spread mainly on the face, extremities and joints. VEISS's raison d'être also lies in its desire to improve public understanding of vitiligo in order to eradicate stigma, and to promote positive mental and physical well-being for all people affected by this non- contagious.

Full of deep values ​​like empathy, empowerment, tolerance and respect with a huge dose of love and kindness, VEISS members are particularly active in the territory. The first year focused on awareness-raising with, among other things, a large promotional campaign for International Women's Month in March 2022 highlighting inspiring women in the community and two fundraisers in a friendly and unifying atmosphere.

In 2023, place for education (the letter E of VEISS) with the brilliant school initiation project in collaboration with the American University of the Caribbean (AUC) which recently awarded a grant to the local association for develop actions essential to a more tolerant society. By reaching more than 600 partly Dutch students through a presentation and an interactive worksheet, the association was able to analyze knowledge about vitiligo in more detail. With only 33,8% of children familiar with vitiligo, the fight for awareness and education continues more than ever.

This year 2024, marked by inspiration (the letter I of VEISS), is an extension of the impressive work carried out by the structure which carries high the purple color representative of vitiligo. On June 17, 120 students from three partly French schools participated in this new part of the school project through an attractive presentation carried out by VEISS in collaboration with the Concordia media library.

30 of them will be selected to participate in the essay competition which will take place this Friday, June 28, with instructions to write an essay encouraging acceptance of people facing challenges, including those living with vitiligo. 32 books were also donated free of charge by VEISS to public schools and the library, works exploring various experiences linked to vitiligo in children and adolescents. Other actions will continue in 2024 such as the unmissable Sunrise Zumba in November and the major conference on health and well-being next December.

The VEISS slogan perfectly characterizes the soul of the association: We do not see color, we see love. _VX

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