International Women's Day: Hotel La Samanna launches the mentoring program, "Let's Grow Together"


La Samanna, Hotel Belmond in Saint Martin, through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) committee, is pleased to launch its mentoring program, Let's Grow Together, on the occasion of International Human Rights Day. Woman.

The program aims to build bridges between Saint-Martin luxury hotel professionals from diverse backgrounds and cultures and young women with high potential on the island to help them develop their talent.

While sponsoring educational tools up to 1000 euros, the idea is to offer mentoring, networking opportunities, to develop professional interview skills but also to provide administrative support with applications to universities and schools. French, including in the search for scholarships and student accommodation.

The application process will be completely transparent, fair and based on the values ​​of La Samanna, Belmond and LVMH.

In 2022, the committee decided to launch the program with a focus on the village of Sandy Ground, where many of our employees come from, with the goal of initially helping and supporting our neighbors and community. Are eligible to participate all young girls, residents of Sandy Ground, between 16 and 21 years old, with a professional project and fluent in French. Applications must be submitted by April 15, 2022 and include:

• A formal essay in French or English of 1000 words. The topic this year is: “How do you think La Samanna can help you become the woman you want to be? Tell us about your projects and your ambitions. What kind of entrepreneur would you like to become?

• Letters of recommendation (at least 1) from a teacher, sports coach, entrepreneur or association leader. • A copy of the report cards for the current year and the previous year.

All applications will be reviewed by the CSR Committee and the General Manager of La Samanna. The 3 best candidates will be received on site for an interview the first week of May.

The winner will be announced at a gathering at the hotel during the third week of May.

The mentoring program will then begin on June 1 for a period of one year.

For more information on this program, you can contact Stephanie Moritel, in charge of the CSR committee at

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