Jacob Desvarieux, leader of the West Indian group Kassav 'and pioneer of zouk, is gone


Guadeloupe guitarist Jacob Desvarieux, who died on Friday July 30 in Pointe-à-Pitre as a result of the Covid-19, was one of the founders of the group Kassav ', a monument in the West Indies which enjoyed enormous success in the 1980s by mixing local music to create a style, the zouk.

Aged 65, Jacob Desvarieux was hospitalized on July 12 after being infected with the coronavirus. In fragile health since a kidney transplant, he had been placed in an artificial coma, according to a recent statement from the production of the group Kassav ', which had also announced the cancellation of all scheduled concerts.

  Condolences from President Daniel Gibbs:

“An essential figure in music, ambassador of the West Indies in the world, passed away this Friday, July 30, 2021, causing a wave of sadness among zouk lovers around the world.

Co-founder, emblematic singer of the Kassav 'group and musician, Jacob has made zouk a respected and cherished music, for 4 decades.

Through his talent, the group Kassav 'has shone far beyond our borders and our concert memories will remain etched in our memories and those of those around the world who had the privilege of seeing him on stage.

He was one of the greatest ambassadors of Caribbean culture and Caribbean music.

We are all in mourning.

His recognizable voice, his innate musical sense and his legendary wisdom have inspired generations of artists on an international scale. Jacob Desvarieux will remain a source of pride and inspiration, firmly rooted in our West Indian culture, in the hearts of Guadeloupeans and all those to whom he has been able to transmit the love of music and zouk in particular.

Our saddened condolences go out to his family, the members of the Kassav 'group and all his relatives.

The Saint-Martinois associate themselves with their pain and have a moving thought for this great artist who left too early.

A star shines in the firmament of our Caribbean musical heritage. May he rest in peace and may his work shine for a long time to come ”.

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