Irma has exacerbated tensions between owners and tenants


The Trait d'Union association reports numerous cases of disputes between owners and tenants.

Among the situations encountered, certain owners claiming that the accommodation is not habitable put their tenants at the door and therefore broke the lease without respecting the notice. Others offered accommodation to their tenant during the works and today ask them to pay not only the rent for “cyclone” accommodation but also that of the temporary accommodation which they had provided them with free of charge. . “The lessor can automatically terminate the lease if the accommodation is completely destroyed. According to insurance experts, this is the case when it no longer has a roof or railings. On the other hand, when the accommodation is only partially destroyed, the tenant can request a revision of the rent. But there is no predefined range, it is an arrangement to be found between the two parties ”, advance the lawyers of the association. According to them, Irma has only exacerbated tensions already present in general between tenants and owners. They then encourage the different parties to communicate, and preferably in writing. (More details on

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