UNUSUAL: “Til trash do us part”: a Taiwanese couple takes their wedding photo in front of a mountain of trash for a good cause


If the wedding photo is clearly not ideal from an aesthetic point of view, it is frankly perfect in terms of ecological activism. In Taiwan, a newlywed couple decided to immortalize their union in front of a garbage montage. The bride in a white dress and her groom in a tuxedo posed in front of a huge pile of trash in a landfill.

The bride, a Greenpeace activist and very committed to defending the environment, hopes with this symbolic photo to discourage her guests from producing unnecessary waste. For their “ecological wedding” planned for January, Iris Hsueh and her fiancé asked guests to come with their own containers to take away food leftovers. The Taipei-based couple drove three hours for this photo shoot in Puli township, where the amount of waste taken to the local landfill has continued to increase over the years. “If a guest is not willing to bring a container, I show them the photo and ask them to reconsider,” said the 33-year-old. Taiwan, an autonomous island of 23 million inhabitants, has had a recycling program since 1987. More than 50% of household waste is treated by this system, one of the highest rates in the world. But the amount of garbage has increased dramatically in recent years. According to the head of the sanitation team of the commune of Puli, the landfill receives 50 tonnes of waste per day compared to 20 tonnes in the 1980s. “Our population is decreasing, but the quantity of garbage increases every year,” notes -he. The use of the Puli landfill as a waste storage site was intended to be “temporary”, but it has now been operating for three years. To their extent, Iris Hsueh and her fiancé make it possible, through this punchy and original initiative, to raise awareness among a greater number of people about this problem which is not foreign to other territories._VX

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