He shows his penis to a 13-year-old girl, whom he carries


“When I got home, she was crying,” a mother said of her daughter. On returning from her music lesson, she was sexually assaulted by the person driving her. The 13-year-old explained that the man took out his cock to show it to her and asked if she wanted to see semen. Accompanied by her daughter, the mother went to file a complaint against RB, the driver.

During his hearing, RB claimed that it was the young girl who had provoked him and he denied the charges against him. On the other side, the victim is distressed. She is invited to the bar to tell the facts but she cannot speak, cries. It is therefore his mother, his legal representative, who provides details of the circumstances of the events which occurred at the end of September 2019. RB is an acquaintance of the family; he is asked by the mother to drive her daughter to school and / or to her music lesson when she cannot take her on her own. “I trusted him completely,” she says. At the helm, RB confirms that in addition to his declared work as a gardener, he performs this type of service.

After deliberating, the court pronounced a sentence of eight months in prison with a probationary suspension of two years including the obligation of care, the prohibition to come into contact with the victim and to go to the latter's home. . The court also received the mother and daughter in their civil constitution request and ordered RB to compensate them for the amounts requested.


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