Tribute: A poem for the late Jean-Luc Hamlet


For the 10 years anniversary of the disappearance of her brother Jean-Luc Hamlet (former First Deputy Mayor), Jessica Hamlet, her parents, sisters, brother and all her family wish to pay tribute to her by publishing this written poem by Ernest Pépin, Guadeloupe writer.


Ten years

My brother

You left ten years ago


The sun is no longer round

He always stutters a little

Ten years that its light

Confuses day and night

Ten years that we struggle

At the top of the gloomy memories

Because your memory is still there




Sometimes you think of your parents



In the nets of sorrow

They are present in Saint Martin

For you

With you


Among the song of the waves

The crazy heat of the wind

The immortal duration of hope

Do you see the island does not die

She resists

She struggles

It endures despite what it endures

It's already been ten years

Ten years of sand casting

Ten years of lost seashells

Ten years of miraculous waiting

But we all know

That if you take root in death

It's to better support life

Sleep in peace

Those who love you watch over you

At the source of the stars


Ernest Pepin

The Lamentin

Monday 02 April 2018

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