History: Why Saint-Martin is called Saint-Martin?


November 11, 1493 during his 2nd trip to the Americas Christopher Columbus saw an island he named ISLA DE SAN-MARTIN to honor the feast of Saint Martin de Tours that day.

Saint-Martin is the most popular Saint that France has ever had. According to legend, Martin was reluctant to become a bishop and for this reason he hid in a stable full of geese.

The cockroaches of geese will reveal its hiding place to those who looked for it at night with lanterns, so that even today we still remember the event with the lantern procession of Saint Martin very popular in Germany. He will end up Bishop of Tours.

November 11 is the feast of Saint-Martin de Tours although it is not the date of his death but that of his burial at the end of the 4th century.

About 900 churches took his name and he was one of the first Saints in the Catholic Church not to be a martyr.

He also remained famous when he cut his military coat in half (the white chlamyde of the imperial guard) and shared it with a cold-beggar beggar during a harsh winter. The warming was immediate and that is why in Europe November 11 is celebrated as the summer of Saint Martin. _Marco dondini


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