Heineken Regratta 2017: The UB40 group a distinguished guest at Kim Sha Beach!


Remember the date of March 5, 2017. And for good reason! The famous group UB40 will be present on Kim Sha Beach, during the closing night of the 37th edition of the Heineken Regatta. What happiness!

Like in previous years, the organizers of the Heineken Regatta still promise great shows, both at sea and on land!

Indeed, the legendary group UB40 will be the headliner of this 37th edition which will take place from March 2 to 5, 2017. Suffice to say that Kim Sha Beach will be sold out during the closing party!

Little historical reminder on the creation of the UB40 group: legend has it that the members of UB40 met in the queue of an unemployment office. It is true that some of them were unemployed before making music, but they knew each other before. In any case, they get their name from the form to fill in to receive unemployment benefits in England, a form whose reference is UB40 (UB for Unemployment Benefit). They have sold more than seventy million albums and have never ceased to travel the world as ambassadors of reggae, a joyful, uninhibited and warm reggae that they share with an enthusiastic audience. More than thirty years after their debut, and even if some musicians have left for other adventures, UB 40 continue to offer the same generous and carefree music.

Among their successes, we find the very famous Kingston Town (cover of Lord Creator), cover of I'll be your Baby tonight by Bob Dylan or Red Red Wine written by Neil Diamond in 1968. _AF


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