Unemployment rises in Saint Martin


Last November, 4345 people were registered with Pôle emploi in category A in our territory, according to the regional directorate of companies, consumption, work and employment (DIECCTE) of Guadeloupe. There is an increase of 1,4% in the number of job seekers over one month, and 0,2% over three months. For those under 25, this is an increase of 2,8% over one month. If we include categories A, B and C, this figure is also up by 1,9% over one month, to 4838 job seekers. In Saint-Barthélemy, 428 people in category A were registered with Pôle emploi. This number increases by 1,7% over one month, 3,9% over three months, and 18,6% over one year. Taking into account categories A, B, C, this number rises to 502. _EH

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