GYMNASTICS / Antilles-Guyana Championship: the Saint-Martin Gym club still at the top of the bill!


On the occasion of the Antilles-Guyana championships which took place last weekend in Martinique, the Saint-Martin Gym club struck a blow by winning a whopping seven gold medals. Who says better ?

Facing the teams from Guadeloupe, Martinique and Guyana, the daughters of coach Gratienne, who need no introduction, climbed to the top step of the podium, in the 10 and over and 10-13 year old categories.

The gold medal spree for the Club de Gym de Saint-Martin continued in the individual rankings. Congratulations to Claartje Haasdjik  (7 years old), Naell Nubret (10/11 years old), Julicia Brooks (12/13 years old), Mei Marchisella (14/15 years old) and Naidy Nubret (16/17 years old) for their respective brilliant performance against young people high level gymnasts.

Other Gratienne protégés also made it onto the podium by winning bronze: Sanaa Jasaron (8 years old) and Jade Auge (12/13 years old).

A nod also to Auriane Maillard and  Zendaya Haasdjik finishing 4 respectivelyth and 6th in the 9-year-old category and to Alyssa Chabot and Kyra Manuel who rank 8 respectivelyth and 14th in the 10-11 year old category.

Congratulations to all these young gymnasts who have brilliantly distinguished themselves on the island of flowers. Yes, the Saint-Martin Gym club is always at the top of the bill! _AF

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