Female artistic gymnastics: Girls always and again!


The SXM Gym Club participated in the territorial championships on Saturday March 7 at the Hope Estate gym.

This competition is the selective phase for the Antilles-Guyana or Guadeloupe championships.

Waimaria Steele Lauga  Maelys Dias and Jade Augé obtained scores for the General total for national purposes.

By apparatus, Waimaria wins the best score on uneven bars and performs a breathtaking floor!

On jump and on beam, Meissa Vallet will win the most points.  A determined gymnast, after two  years of relaxation, this year Meissa is back in force!

• Palmares :

Federal A 12/13 Years

1st Waimaria Steele Lauga

2th dias maelys

3eme Vallet-Meissa

4th Mei Marchisella

5th Naidy Nubret

6th Charlotte martinez

  Federal A 10/11 Years

1st Jade Trough

2th Maelys Farlot

3th Julia Brooks

4th Millie Marchisella

5th Romy Noyerie

  Performance 7/9 Years

1st Mimi Greaux

2th Alyssa sculpin

Congratulations and encouragement to all!

Qualifiers will travel to the Guadeloupe championships in early April and late April for the Antilles / Guyana championships.

No doubt the girls will once again be present at the meeting. As usual… AF

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