Guyana: Signing of an agreement to end the crisis!


An agreement was signed last Friday to end the crisis in Guyana, paralyzed by a large social movement for almost a month, announced the Minister of Overseas, Ericka Bareigts.

The agreement was signed between the State, the "Pou Lagwiyann ​​dékolé" collective, socio-professionals and elected officials.

It includes an immediate emergency plan of 1,1 billion euros presented at the beginning of the month and which notably includes measures in favor of security, education, health, as well as assistance to businesses .

The agreement also acknowledges the request for additional measures from the collective and elected officials for 2,1 billion euros. "The State undertakes through the Guyana Agreement that they be the subject of a priority review to implement an additional plan," said the minister in her press release. The disagreements between the collective and the authorities were crystallized on the mobilization of additional funds, Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve having notably qualified as "unrealistic" the amount of the requested aid.

"Ericka Bareigts welcomes the listening and the commitment of all the actors and expresses his confidence to build, together, the future of Guyana", she concludes. _AF


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