Gunslingers to represent Saint Martin in Trinidad


The Gunslingers, a steel pan group from Saint-Martin, will represent our island at the “International Panorama competition” on August 9, but also at the “International conference on Pan”, in Trinidad and Tobago. 27 orchestras from Asia, North America, Europe and the Caribbean are expected.

The Gunslingers group, an orchestra which was created in 1954 with Victor Benjamin, became an association in 1999. It is one of the most recognized groups on the island for its participation in various cultural activities. Initially, the Gunslingers will participate in the Pan conference, where each orchestra will have a representative to discuss different themes including the development of steel pan. After this two-day conference, the group will test its capacities at the "International Panorama Competition", in front of more than 150.000 spectators at Queen's park Savannah, where it will pay tribute to the great King T-MO by interpreting the instrumental of its hit " Pan Revival ”. To take part in this competition, each orchestra must be composed of a minimum of 40 people and a maximum of 60. The group's departure is scheduled for Sunday. _KL

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