Guadeloupe: Containment will be extended but "lightened" depending on the indicators


Containment in Guadeloupe, scheduled until Sunday to try to stop the spread of Covid-19 on the island, will be extended but lightened, announced on Wednesday September 15, the prefect, who did not give a precise timetable deconfinement, this depending on "the level of certain indicators".

While the epidemic is on the decline on the island, certain indicators remain high, in particular the incidence rate, which still exceeds 200 per 100 inhabitants. The positivity rate, at 000%, is declining. “The evolution of our braking measures will depend on thresholds,” explained Prefect Alexandre Rochatte at a press conference.

The first phase of deconfinement - which corresponds in particular to an incidence rate of less than 200 per 100 inhabitants and a positivity rate of less than 000 - should be reached on Wednesday, according to the prefect.

The curfew will thus be pushed back to 20 p.m., against 19 p.m. currently, and travel will again be allowed within a limit of 10 kilometers (against 5 currently).

  A still very low vaccination rate

“The beaches and rivers will be open in the morning and afternoon,” the prefect also announced. "From next week, on the voluntary basis of organizers or business leaders, certain activities may reopen provided they are subject to the health pass," said Alexandre Rochatte.

The second phase, "reachable at the beginning of October and which really corresponds to the start of deconfinement, will take place when the incidence rate drops below 75 per 100 inhabitants, a positivity rate of less than 000% and a hospital pressure of 5. % of usual activity, ”said the prefect.


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