Teachers' strike: they demand in particular the repair of schools


Some seventy primary and secondary teachers demonstrated on Thursday, March 22 at around 10 am in front of the Hotel de la Collectivité.

They responded to the call of the national unions to protest against the reforms undertaken by the government, in particular on the civil service and the railway sector. "We followed in the footsteps of the national strike with demands specific to Guadeloupe and Saint-Martin," suggests Valérie Boucaut, school teacher in Quartier d'Orléans and delegate of the SNUIPP-FSU.

Gathered in front of the Collectivité hotel, the teachers took up nursery rhymes whose words they changed. So, to the tune of Brother Jacques, they sang: "President Gibbs, President Gibbs, do you sleep?" Repair our schools, repair our schools, quickly, quickly. ” They call for an immediate end to double vacations in the schools of Grand Case and Sandy Ground. "We want them to repair the schools" demands Valérie Boucaut. “Maybe we can't rebuild right away but at least fix it, barricade it. We don't need state money to buy planks of wood. I hope that the COM has at least the budget to secure its premises. She continues. A delegation was received by Daniel Gibbs Thursday morning. The teachers then went to the prefecture and then to the national education service.

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