CTOS agents strike: parents of students are at the end of their tether!


More than a third of the approximately 250 CTOS agents have been on strike since January 30. Although the repercussions are uneven depending on the school, most canteen, cleaning and extracurricular services are not provided. Parents of pupils attending public schools in Saint-Martin must collect their children during the day break, and can no longer leave them at school before and after class. Having to juggle their schedules, they are exhausted.

"It's been a month and a half that we are in a really uncomfortable situation" denounces CH mother of a student of small section schooled in Quartier d'Orléans. “Before I dropped her off at the extracurricular at 7:30 am, but now I have to wait 8 hours so I am late for my training. My husband, who works as an employee at Hope Estate, closes the shop to pick her up at 11:30 am, takes her to his workplace where he feeds her and then leaves his workstation again to bring her back at 13:30 pm. I left my training earlier to pick it up at 16 pm ”explains CH 

For the parents, the CTOS agents' strike also had financial consequences. Not only are they forced to spend on food near their work or children's school. But also those who work must in addition have their children looked after after class and on Wednesdays, periods during which in normal times, they rest on extracurricular activities. "This month, it cost us 270 euros more" says CH "We what we want are solutions. It is not up to us to reorganize while we are paying for a service, ”says CH. All the more so since these changes in rhythm have consequences for children who, according to her, are“ completely confused ”. 

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