GOVERNMENT: "The PPRN must be corrected", admits the minister


She does not say it directly but announces it well: the application of the plan for the prevention of natural risks (PPRN) of Saint-Martin is postponed. "The PPRN will be corrected", announces "clearly" the Minister of Overseas on her Facebook page.

“The consultations carried out on the PPRN revision project have shown many points to modify and improve. There are spaces for discussion, "admits Annick Girardin, who also wants" those who expressed themselves during the public inquiry to be listened to, for those who speak through the voices of elected officials to be heard ". "Let those who are worried about this project be reassured," she insists.

The Minister has already organized the continuation of the review by sending a delegation to work with the Saint-Martinois. “A team will be formed tomorrow. It is made up of three personalities led by Dominique Lacroix. He knows the territory and its players well because he was prefect delegate to Saint-Martin between 2007 and 2009 ", said Annick Girardin. The team will arrive on site in January 2020.

"She will be accompanied by a local dialogue support committee, made up of recognized local personalities," she said. The President of the COM and the parliamentarians were invited to participate; "Senator Guillaume Arnell has already accepted," said the minister.

In her message, Annick Girardin also condemns the violence. "In any form, it is not acceptable. It is not acceptable that the hospital cannot function properly. It is not acceptable that children cannot go to school. Demonstrate a right but it must be exercised without violence, ”she comments. And to appeal to "the responsibility of all".

"The priority today is to resume dialogue," she said again.

Note that the situation was still tense yesterday, mainly in the Sandy-Ground and Quartier d'Orléans areas.

It remains to be seen now if the announcements made by the minister will allow a return to calm? _AF

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